Happy Birthday 6 OZ. Candle



An all natural soy wax candle that is handmade from soy beans grown by American farmers. It is made in an 8 oz. jelly jar with a net weight of 6 oz. These candles are clean burning and eco friendly. Average burn time for this candle is 30 to 40 hours.

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or even just cupcakes everyone loves the smell of fresh baked cake and buttercream. Light this candle and fill the room with this popular baking scent.

Top notes: Buttercream, Sugar

Middle notes: Cream, Honey

Base notes: Vanilla

Clean Scent: All of our candles are clean scents meaning that there are no carcinogens or toxins present that could be harmful. We take pride in our candles being clean burning, natural and eco-friendly.

Shipping: We ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail.

For best results follow these tips when burning your candle

1. Do not burn over 4 hours at a time.

2 Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 of an inch.

3. Keep away from small children and pets

4.Place candles away from any

5. Burn candle long enough for the pool of wax to reach the edge of container.


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